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Moving home!

Just to let you know that this blog is moving home.

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I had a busy weekend of something a bit different. More to follow later this week, but here’s a shot of LZ7 rocking East London…

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Spring Collection

One of the things that catches my eye most about Spring is the colour of the flowers in the sunlight after months of rain – or so it feels in England. Here’s my little Spring Collection in order of appearance…

The power of the still image.

Photographers are facing tougher working conditions.  For example there are several spots in London – unmarked on maps – where police have the power to remove cameras from members of the public, merely because they are using them near somewhere deemed at risk from a terror attack.  (It is interesting to note that neither the 9/11 attackers, or the 7/7 London tube bombers photographed their targets prior to the attacks.)  The integrity of work is also under threat.  The phrase ‘photoshopped’ has now come to mean something artificial or fake in common parlance.

A few weeks ago a French rugby player was convicted of eye-gouging an opponent, a nasty practice that still goes on.  He appealed on the basis that the video evidence did not conclusively show the incident and questioned the authenticity of one photograph that did, as it was taken by a photographer working for the other team.

(photo courtesy of BBC Sport)

A panel of experts reviewed the photograph to see if it had been edited or manipulated and concluded that it had not.  The player’s ban was upheld and the photographer’s reputation intact.  As a photographer I found it re-assuring that that, sometimes, it is still true to say ‘the camera doesn’t lie’.

Nikon D700

(image courtesy of Digital Photography Review)
Having decided to switch to Nikon I set about planning it.  Since I’ve had a Canon 5D I’ve grown to love the image quality and low noise of full-frame digital cameras, so the D700 was the model that caught my attention.  With world beating lowlight performance, in a more compact and cheaper body than the Nikon D3 it was an obvious choice.  I found an excellent deal online and now have an as new D700 in my camera bag!  Here’s a shot to show off its low light performance.
This is a centre crop of a shot at 6400 ISO.  Very impressive!  I’ll keep you updated how my change over goes over the next few weeks.  In the meantime the D700 is coming to work for the first time today.

Compassion or indifference to Haiti?

It appears that hundreds of thousands are, or may become victims of the Haiti earthquake.  It’s very hard to turn numbers into people, but hopefully if we dare to expose ourselves to a tragedy that could as easily be each one of us – if birth had placed us elsewhere – we will at least find compassion rather than indifference.

(Source: The following are my own edits of photographs from the Telegraph Online.)

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Re: Putting money where your mouth is…

Having blogged at some length on the advantages of a Nikon D5000 I found myself in Jessops in the snow at the weekend, handing over my credit card.  It’s not as spontaneous as it sounds, I intend to switch to Nikon in the next year or so.  The reasons for my change of allegiance will form a blog in the near future.

My other half summed the D5000 up well… “Oooh, it’s prettier than your Canon.”  Sale made 🙂

(photos courtesy of