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Photographing pigeons

Pigeons generally get bad press. Some people think of them as flying rats – grey sandwich thieves who steal from innocent toddlers – and I imagine most of us, when we were six, found chasing after a flock of them very entertaining.

We have a lot of pigeons in the centre of town, so I set out the other day (with the above in mind) in an attempt to take a flattering photo of one. Let me know if you think I succeeded…

(Nikon V1 & Zeiss 50mm f/2 lens)

I used a shallow depth of field to isolate the pigeon and hopefully give the bird a softer look. It was sunset – you can see the light reflected in the shop windows behind – and I positioned myself so the warm light was full on the subject, hoping to bring out the colours on the neck. What you can’t see is about seven other pigeons behind me, trying to find out if I’ve hidden any food in my pockets.


Winter Wonderland

Last night we had the perfect amount of snow: enough to turn the the view from my window into a scene from a snow-globe, but not enough (as far as I know) to cancel any flights or cause too much travel chaos…

(shot on a Nikon V1 and 10mm f/2.8 lens)

Winter sunset

It’s still hovering around freezing outside, but yesterday there was a clear blue sky as the sun set. I went outside with the intention of taking a picture that would remind me that we do have a summer in England…

(photo taken with a Nikon V1 and 10mm lens)


Snow is falling in the North of England and the rest of the country is being treated to sub-zero temperatures. Not weather particularly conducive to photography!

(If you ever find that operating your camera in gloves is too fiddly, then there is good news in the form of the Ricoh G700 – designed to be operated with gloves, it’s also water, dust and shockproof, as well as chemical resistant. I think the target market work on oil rigs…)

When it snowed last year I went out with a camera, hoping to catch the way snow looks when the sun comes out.

(shot with a Nikon D700 and Nikon 70-300 f/4.5-5.5 lens)

Deconstructing images

I always find it interesting to take a step back from a photo and to find what makes it ‘work’ as an image. Here’s a shot from the Long Walk near Windsor Castle.

(Nikon V1 & 50mm Zeiss f/2 lens @ f/4, 1/320th and 100 ISO)

It’s shot with a long lens to ‘fore-shorten’ the view and look along the line of trees – the image wouldn’t have worked with a wider lens, I’d have had to move closer to the trees and the perspective would have been very different.

The tree line disappears into the top right hand third of the frame and the shadows from the trees run almost parallel to the narrow path that crosses the image. The shot is made interesting by the woman with her shopping, ideally I’d have taken it a few seconds earlier when she was perfectly on the right hand third of the image.

The light is key to the image, at sunset it has a lovely wrapping quality that casts deep shadows.

Prague, looking up

I do some street photography, but I often find that I take more pictures of buildings than peopleĀ  when I’m wandering through a city.

Here are some I haven’t shared from my trip to Prague over the summer…

(All images shot with a Fuji X100)

Local light

It was a resolution for last New Year, and I’ve mostly managed to keep it: I try and get out with a camera at least once a week. In the middle of all the admin and the marketing I’ve found it can be very easy to forget to go out and take pictures. A bit ironic considering I’m a photographer.

Here are a few shots from last week…

(Both images were shot with a Nikon V1 and Zeiss 50mm f/2 lens.)