Photographing Musicians – Part 1

Musicians have a reputation for being a temperamental bunch, but the ones I get to work with are an absolute joy.

It rained and the temperature just hit three degrees above freezing, but I have endless respect for Leah and Celeste who managed to look effortlessly chic and biker-chick (respectively).

Leah runs the incredible Blue Flamingo Entertainments, who I can’t recommend highly enough for any function – yes, I’m biased, they played at my own wedding last year.

Celeste Cronje-Richardson is not only a Royal Academy of Music graduate and wonderful soprano, but also the only person I’ve ever seen manage to pull off a concert dress and leather jacket…

Part 2 will be a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot, with a few more photos of both Leah and Celeste, as well as some shots of me in action. I’ll also explain the thought process and planning behind some of the images.


About David Charlwood

I am a professional photographer, specialising in weddings, working across the UK, based in the South East. View all posts by David Charlwood

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