Ricoh are a niche camera maker – they ignore trends almost completely, release sometimes bizarre products and are often very expensive compared to other manufacturers, but Ricoh have a special place in my heart: my first digital camera was a Ricoh.

To their credit, Ricoh cameras are always exceptionally well built, are very logical to use and have a layout that is aimed at people who like to control their cameras. This week Ricoh have released an updated version of their excellent fixed-lens compact GR series, the GR Digital IV. The GR IV will probably cost at least £400* in the UK, but it will still sell. [CORRECTION the retail price will be £500!] If you want to know why, go into a camera store and pick one up, then pick up almost anything in the same price range. You’ll probably find that everything else feels like it’s made of cheap plastic.

I had a lot of fun with my Ricoh nearly 5 years ago, and I only sold it for an SLR because I wanted to have something that responded faster. For a compact camera the image quality was staggering, more impressive is that half a decade later it’s still very good. Here’s a photo from my old Ricoh that I remember astonished me at the time…

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