Timeless album design

I am not a designer. I write, play the guitar, engage in the occasional recreational sport activity, yell at England’s rugby team from the comfort of my own sofa and take photos for a living…but a designer I am not. When I started designing albums for clients I felt acutely aware of the fact, but none of them seemed to mind, or even notice, so I carried on.

A lot of personal trial and error – and days behind my laptop screen – has left me with what I see as my two rules of album design:

Keep it clean and keep it simple.

There’s a lot of hyperbole that surrounds the wedding industry, but it’s hard to underestimate the impact that the right album can have for a couple. One photographer I know described it as creating the first family heirloom, and I don’t think he was far wrong.

The wedding album will be shown to Grandma and Grandad, taken off the shelf a LOT by the bride (if my wife’s addiction to our wedding photos is anything to go by) and eventually be looked at with wonderment by children who will be told to keep their hands off the middle of the pages and that, yes, Mummy’s hair was fashionable then.

So, no pressure designing it then…

By keeping the design clean I mean not designing the couple emerging from a gilt heart frame, or Photoshopping some random doves into the image. By keeping it simple I mean just that – not cramming too many images onto a page and letting the flow of the pictures tell the narrative of the day.

Here’s a page that I think fits my two rules. It’s a leaf from a wedding I photographed back in June and one, I hope, that won’t look dated when the pages are being turned by small hands…

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