On the receiving end – part 1

I thought that I’d mentally prepared myself for how fast our wedding day would fly by. After all, I tell all my couples that before they know it they’ll be leaving the reception and that taking some time out in the day is crucial. Even though I was expecting it, our wedding day completely flashed by, and I still find myself remembering it in odd fragments.

We’ve not got the digital copies of our wedding photos yet, but I wanted to share one taken by a good friend of ours. This is ‘my wife and I’ looking out over the lake at our reception venue…


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I am a professional photographer, specialising in weddings, working across the UK, based in the South East. View all posts by David Charlwood

2 responses to “On the receiving end – part 1

  • themintedpea

    I’m on your blog!! What an honour. Such an amazing day, and I’m sure you’ll keep putting it back together, and friends will tell you bits you missed or forgot, and you’ll end up with an awesome patchwork quilt of memory.

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