The Entrepreneur

Last year I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Ken Morse on behalf of the University of Surrey. Ken Morse was, until earlier this year, the managing director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship Center. Instead he now sits on the National Advisory Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, appointed by Barack Obama.

I was photographing a keynote on innovation and entrepreneurship, but Ken was so interesting I spent the whole time listening in as well. He was great fun to work with, and definitely takes the award for my most enthusiastic corporate shoot subject – even at one point suggesting I move all the way across the lecture theatre to get some shots of him from, as he put it, ‘a more impressive angle’. Here’s my favourite from the night, a wonderful visual illustration of entrepreneurship…


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One response to “The Entrepreneur

  • expat again

    You have come up close and personal with an individual who has been placed at the forefront of Obama’s strategy for economic reform. Not many people get that pleasure. And, you did him well in that photo!

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