A family affair…

Just before the snow hit England I was out at my local park to do a family photoshoot. It was bitterly cold, and I discovered that I can in fact operate my Nikon D700 with thick leather gloves on!

I don’t often do family photoshoots, but I know the family well, and they wanted some shots of the kids to send to the grandparents. The poser’s award has to go to the daughter of the family, the boys required me to do a bit more running around. That was mostly my fault – I instructed them to just play with sticks and ignore me…

For any interested photographers, the entire shoot was done on an 85mm lens between f/1.8 and f/2.8.


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6 responses to “A family affair…

  • L.C.T.

    I like your new logo 🙂 and the photos are lovely too!

  • Amy

    Great pictures capturing the moment, love the colors!

    Can I ask you a question… When you do a photo shoot do you usually use just one lens? Or do you go back and forth changing them through out? Thanks!

  • David Charlwood

    For portrait shoots I almost always just use one lens. Usually an 85mm, although occasionally I’ve used a 50mm.

    At a wedding I have lenses poking out of my pockets though!

  • Amy


    I was doing a photo shoot with my kids, but I had two lenses I kept switching back and forth seemed to slow things down. I guess time and experience lets you know which lens to use and when:)

  • David Charlwood

    It depends what focal length you prefer, and most importantly how much running around you want to do. To get a wider shot on an 85mm is a lot of leg work for me if I’m shooting, but I’d rather that than miss a moment changing lenses. The 85 is the perfect head and shoulders lens for standing about 3 meters away.

    Most child/family portrait photographers use a 24-70 because it’s more flexible and focuses closer…so you can get right up close to little ones.

  • Amy

    Ah thanks! I still love the 50mm but your right you have to do a lot of running when going back and forth between close up or a wider angle. I will have to look at the 24-70 I think that would be a good fit for me!

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