How to sell a camera: 300,000 photographs and Kevin Spacey

“I don’t want to take 300,000 same old same old pictures that break my hard drive; I want to take 3 that break my heart.” – The catchline of one of Olympus’ new television adverts for their Pen series cameras.

It’s a great line, and one that in many ways sums up my shooting philosophy.

The new Olympus ad campaign that will shortly be hitting screens across the UK stars Kevin Spacey for the required celebrity endorsement, but more importantly is trying to change the way the large majority use cameras. We’ve all sat through the endless holiday photos and Olympus are playing on that painful memory. The campaign’s tag line is simple and brutally effective. “The Olympus PEN: don’t be a tourist.”

The temptation to overshoot is massive nowadays. Digital cameras’ memory cards hold a realistically limitless supply of images and it’s so easy to take three photos rather than taking the time to take the one that matters.

In the wedding photography industry I’m one of the professionals who, if anything, undershoots. My clients receive on average 350 photos from their wedding, and I’ll have taken twice that many on the day. Arguably I should perhaps offer clients more – many photographers hand over 500+ images – but I would rather give my clients a more succinctly told story.

How many images would you want from the day if it was your wedding?


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