Spring and the Canon G11.

Spring has finally arrived, and that means snowdrops all over the place. I’m going to share how I go about photographing Spring using the Canon G11.  (If you’ve not read my review of the camera – and why I think it’s one of the best you can buy – you can find it on Amazon.co.uk )

There are several components that help to make this shot. The most important thing is the light. It was taken at sunset, with the sun to low my right. Composition comes second. I wanted to capture the idea of lots of snowdrops as a carpet, but an image needs a clear and well defined subject to draw the viewer’s attention. I took about three shots until I got the camera angle right, with the one flower isolated against the background of fallen leaves, trees and sky. (Camera settings can be found here.) I opened the aperture as wide as it would go and kept the ISo as low as possible so the image was the best quality the camera could produce. The G11 was also set to macro mode to allow it to focus on the close subject.

Shots from the G11 require more editing than shots from my SLRs.  The contrast has been increased, noise reduction added to help soften the background and I’ve altered the colour temperature and saturation to best replicate the character of the light when I shot the image. Photographing Spring is all about colour and getting in close.  Capture the colour and push in tight to the subject to create strong composition and you can turn a seemingly average shot into one you want to share.


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I am a professional photographer, specialising in weddings, working across the UK, based in the South East. View all posts by David Charlwood

One response to “Spring and the Canon G11.

  • Amy

    Beautiful picture!!!

    I bought some flowers at the flower shop this morning going to try another round of flower pictures.

    I am slowly figuring this camera out, I actually understood everything you said, hehe and will try it out. Wide open aperture, low ISO! Thanks for your reviews and tips they are always great!

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