Video on DSLRs, Part II

I have had a lot of feedback from my post last week about the future of photography. Interestingly, 71% of you who voted on the poll thought that video on DSLRs is just a fad. To continue the conversation I wanted to share some more thoughts and look at the impact that High Definition video on DSLRs has had on the film industry.

The biggest area where photographers have found themselves under pressure to get to grips with video is photojournalism. The ability to capture video and stills on one highly portable platform has been of great interest to editors. A lot of photojournalists have found themselves told to get their heads around the new medium, regardless of the differing skill set and their still photographic expertise. I think the pace of the ‘convergence’ will get faster, but will have much more impact on the fashion and news industries than on wedding and portrait photography.

What is interesting is the massive impact that the HD DSLR has already had on the film industry. Providing exceptional image quality at – for the film making industry – an amazing price, HD DSLRs are proving excellent tools. Along with the High Definition film there is the option of any of the camera lenses available to photographers. Portions of Terminator Salvation have been shot on DSLR, and for very good reason. The video quality is nothing short of amazing. Having a video platform the size of a camera enables smaller production teams, less cost and more portability. It’s professional High Definition video with a ‘smaller footprint’.

Here’s a glimpse at what’s possible with video on a DSLR.

Perhaps video on DSLRs is not the death of photography as we know it, but the death of the video camera as the tool of choice for low to medium budget films.  What do you think?


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