Macro photography.

I have blogged before about how good compact cameras are at macro (close-up) photography. They have the ability to focus very close to the lens and, at low ISOs, give very good images. Spring is fast approaching, the flowers are beginning to cautiously nudge their way out of the soil, and the last of the winter leaves that were saved by the snow we’ve had here will be fast disappearing. Here is a macro shot of one, taken on my Canon G11. Having a great macro ability in the camera in your pocket is a lovely way to give you a change of perspective. I try and keep an eye out for little bits of detail now, knowing that I have the ability to get the shots I want.

There are two secrets to good macro photography. The first is light, the second composition. In this shot the light is strong, creating shadows on leaf, and bringing out the detail.  (It’s actually just sunlight – I positioned the leaf and then deliberately underexposed.) The second key to a good macro shot is composition, drawing the eye into the image.  In the shot below that is achieved by using the lines of the leaf to draw your eye right to left across the image, your eye catching the sharpest and most detailed part of the leaf in the middle.


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One response to “Macro photography.

  • Andrew Menage

    David Hobby’s (of fame) go to for Macro shots is a G10/G11 (not sure what he’s using these days) and Nikon flashes. They sync find using non-TTL cords. Its an interesting combination, but from the images he’s shared, they look great.

    Yours is also a great example of what can be achieved with a compact camera.

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