An abstract moment.

My housemate is a photographer in the old style. Film, black and white, and none of this photoshop nonsense. We were talking about photographing moments and ended up abstracting it…

What I love about photography is capturing moments. Part of that is creating them, because if I’m interacting with my subject/s then I’m involved in the creation of the moment I capture.  What if I never put a film or (in the 21st century) a memory card in my camera?  There would be no record of the moment other than in the memory of the participants, but in essence what so much photography becomes is a tool to jog or preserve that memory.  I wonder if someone could ever exhibit a series of ‘blank’ photographic moments, with only the text explanations for each image enabling the viewer to imagine the moment?  Just a thought.

Here is one of my favourite images, precisely for ‘the moment’…


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