Black & White

Last blog I talked a bit about black and white photographs. I thought I’d elaborate on it a bit, and explain how I ‘see’ in black and white. For a black and white shot to be good, it must have contrast and form.  All the results of light. Shot number one is of the Sage in Newcastle, it’s a good example of a photograph that is made by the form of the subject…

The architectural design, and the way the curves have caught the light makes this shot.
Shot number two is a classic black and white portrait, and one of my personal favourites. The photo is made by the light that catches the jazz player’s features, combined with the contrast of the painted wall and the paintings of famous artists above. It is a photograph of great character and wonderfully tells a story.
Finally I wanted to include an image that is, quite literally, ‘painting’ with light.  The powerful sunlight behind the jet skier silhouettes him against the sea. The result is contrast and a sense of atmosphere.
Black and white for me is about capturing light itself. In that sense it is the purest form of photography. Colour cannot distract, the image must be created by the use of light and good composition.

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I am a professional photographer, specialising in weddings, working across the UK, based in the South East. View all posts by David Charlwood

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