Colour or Black & White?

It’s always an interesting conundrum when editing.  Some images are a very obviously one or the other.  If there is vibrant colour that makes the image then I’ll leave it that way.  If the image is all about composition and form, and has good contrast, I’ll often turn it black&white.  I think the following shot looks good in both.
In the colour version it is the vibrancy of the green that grabs your attention, draws you to the subject, and then you notice the purple buds on the stem of the flower.  In the b&w the form of the flower, and the contrast of the subject against the soft background gives a very different atmosphere to the same photograph.  Which do you prefer?

About David Charlwood

I am a professional photographer, specialising in weddings, working across the UK, based in the South East. View all posts by David Charlwood

2 responses to “Colour or Black & White?

  • L.C.T.

    Green green green green green. No question.

  • Blonde Bookworm!

    Hmm its a toughie! I think I usually prefer the black and white but then it kind of takes away the "realness" of that particular moment, no? It looks nicer, in my opinion but it eliminates an aspect of truth from the photo. Oddly enough I actually like the photo in color this time around but normally I prefer black and white. Good post!

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